FIREWORKS in New York City on July 4th 2010(Video)

July 5, 2010


Taken from my phone, but not too shabby… Advertisements

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Tattoo Pet Peeves

June 24, 2010


I’d like to take this moment and share with you my tattoo pet peeves..mostly pertaining to women… Absolutely NO: Chinese letters unless you’re Chinese. Butterflies. Stars. Fairies. And if you get your own name tattooed on’s because you’re not important enough to remember.

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Real Life > YouTube

February 25, 2010


Story time…….I was in Barcelona on my way to a football(soccer) game and my step brother and I got off of an extremely packed subway and walked up to the bottom of stairs and an escalator. The escalator was packed as I was walking toward it, and my step brother said, “Hey, let’s just take […]

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Mommy Bloggers

July 28, 2009


So apparently, there is a demographic on the Internet filled with mothers who feel the need to blog about their lives, children, makeup, bags, breast feeding, medicine, diapers etc. on a daily basis. Some of these women are probably helpful to some people, but most of them are attention whores typing out the length of […]

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8 Office Personalities Causing ‘Head to Desk Syndrome’

July 14, 2009


First things first. You’re clearly asking yourself what the hell is ‘Head to Desk Syndrome’? Well you’re not going to find it on WebMD, but it’s pretty self explanatory. It’s when someone at work annoys you so much that you want to slam your head….onto your desk. I recommend not actually doing so, but I’ll […]

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Sex Sells….Burger King BJ

June 24, 2009



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People and Things That Piss Me Off (and how to retaliate)

June 17, 2009


So I hear that writing down your thoughts is one of the best ways to release anger, and manage stress.  In my opinion, it is also a way to give a big fuck you to all the people out there that piss me off, and another fuck you to the things that piss me off.  […]

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